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The Rosary is a prayer in which Catholic Christians contemplate the life, death and glorification of Jesus Christ, as it were, with the eyes of His Mother Mary and in communion with her. It is a series of different prayers. Today the Rosary comprises 20 sentences, each with Our Father, ten Hail Marys and finally Glory be to the Father. Each of these sentences contemplates a mystery from the life of Jesus: five from the Christmas circle (joyful R.), five from the Passion (painful R.), five from the Easter event (glorious R.) and five that illuminate Christ as light of the world (luminous R.). In this meditative prayer a string of pearls is used which is also called the rosary.

Term-Nr.: 761

German: Rosenkranz (Gebet) (701)

Source: Kathweb m. e. E., 30.05.2019

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