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The fund management’s main task is to transact business with funds (Art. 29 1 CISA). The fund management manages the investment funds in its own name but for the client’s account. In doing so, the fund management and its representatives act independently and are obliged to safeguard the investor’s interests first and foremost (Art. 20 par. 1 a CISA). Examples of the tasks undertaken by the fund management are listed in Art. 30 clause 2 CISA. The valuation of the investments and the calculation of net asset values has also been explicitly added to the list. Funds management comprises not only these tasks but also those described in Art. 46 par. 1 CISO. The fund management’s main administrative tasks must be performed in Switzerland (Art. 28 par. 1 CISA, Art. 42 CISO) FINMA-RS 08/37).

Term-Nr.: 400

German: Fondsleitung (348)

Source: SFO D15 2010 m. e. E., 24.04.2010

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