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Investment fund based on a collective investment contract (Fund Contract) in which the fund management company undertakes to provide the investor with a stake in the investment fund in proportion to the units/shares acquired by the said investor, and to manage this fund in accordance with the provisions of the fund regulations and the law. The custodian bank is party to the fund contract in accordance with the tasks conferred upon it by the law and the fund regulations. The investment fund itself has no legal personality.
The fund management company can issue new units/shares at the net asset value at any time, and investors are in principle entitled to redeem units/shares at the net asset value at any time. In buying units/shares, the investor acquires a claim against the fund management company in respect of a participation in the assets and income of the investment fund.

Term-Nr.: 200

German: Vertragliche Anlagefonds (848)

Source: Swiss Fund Data m. e. E., 20.10.2018

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